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We provide Software as a Service or custom software implementations for your business. These are just some example of everyday software solutions to help your business automate simple tasks, so you can focus on real value for your customers.

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We are a software consultancy business providing software delivery and consulting on Web technologies. We provide a wide range of services, from: Design, Development, Delivery, Consulting and Mentoring.

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We analyse the best solution for your company needs. We strive to provide our customers/collaborators with the best quality code we can achieve. Best practices of the industry are very important to us. For this reason we emphasise Agile software development methodologies and related practices. Such as TDD, BDD, pair programming, code reviews, CI and CD in order to steadily add value in a sustainable and successful way.

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Out of the box solutions

We also provide out of the box solutions, and ad-hoc customisations. This strategy enables us to reduce time to market drastically.

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There is a huge demand for good software developers. We can provide software development skills training in different areas.W e also motivate young graduates and junior developers to embrace good coding practices and good testing practices.

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We believe in Agile methodologies

Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts from different sources incuding: Jeff Sutherland blog.

10,000 projects Tracked over a period of time, showed that success rate of waterfall projects was 11% during 2011-2015, whilst agile projects success rate was 39%. So agile was about 4 times better.
1 times Research shows that if a bug was not found and fixed inside a sprint, it took 24 times as long to find and fix 3 weeks later.
1% Data from houdreds of teams adopting Agile methodologies, show that development cost (in worse cases) reduce by an average of 35%.
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Some of our insight on the software idustry and modern frameworks.

Jan. 2018

Writing ES6 JS straight out the box

We all know ES6 brings a lot of new features to the JavaScript language, although they are not fully supported by most browsers. There are obviously ways to get around this issue, the most popular solution being, using NPM tooling with a Traspiler like Babel, to target ES5 and produce a compiled JS code that will run on any common browser...

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Nov. 2017

Continuous Delivery with Heroku (PaaS)

Heroku is a platform as a service (PaaS) based on AWS (IaaS), and it's very easy to use. When it comes to choose between Heroku and AWS, if you are a start-up and/or don't have the time/money to spend on specialised DevOps to take care of the infrastructure, I'd say Heroku it's a no-brainer...

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Nov. 2017

5 good reasons to adopt TypeScript in your frontend JS application

1) Typescript is a superset of JavaScript you can just write JavaScript code which is valid TypeScript (TS) code, you can mix and match but you would lose out not making use of the type system. So you can start straight away...

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We are a consultancy business operating in the United Kingdom, but we also have previous experience in remote work.

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