Let's build great software together

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Why Nuvio Software

We are a software consultancy business providing software delivery and consulting on web technologies. We provide a wide range of services, from: design, development, delivery, testing, consulting and mentoring.

Let's build great software together

We work in collaboration with trusted associates on medium to large scale projects.

We strive to provide our customers/collaborators with the best quality product for the budget. For this reason we emphasise Agile software development methodologies and related practices, so we reduce delivery risks and work effectively. We value practices such as TDD, BDD, pair programming, code reviews, CI and CD in order to steadily add value in a sustainable and successful way.

We are experienced in delivering Digital Transformation working closely aligned with the business' goals and optimising their resources and processes. Adapting your business to the digital age is crucial to strive in a competitive market.

We can provide software development skills training in different areas. We also worked with young graduates and junior developers in the past, helping them value good coding practices and good testing practices.

We can relocate to work in the South Wales, South West areas of the U.K. but we have also extensive experience working with remote teams from all over the U.K., Europe and India.

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Welcome to this video tutorial of the `mq-jms-spring-boot-starter library`. We are following up from the previous video in this playlist and show you how to listen to JMS messages with Spring Boot. If you have missed our previous video about MQ 9 running in Docker, and making a Spring Boot connection to MQ 9 please check the playlist for the link to those. Our GitHub repos for this video can be…

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The technology field moves at a fast pace and even tough team practises moves at a slower rate we think things have changed since this test was published and it may be time to replace it. If you want to know more about our company values, we have listed those on our website, which can be accessed here. We think the Joel test for software development it was probably a good benchmark for the time…

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What does software quality mean to you? Having worked at Google, Sky and AirBus amongst other companies, high profile consultant, Carlos Gutierrez, shares his journey with us from Business Analyst to Quality Engineer. We are going to talk about some interesting topics in the Software testing communities, such as hot frameworks for 2020, ways of working and tips to improve your career as a…

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